Issue 0

Hello, how are you?

I first met Eddie Stern in the winter of 2019 when we were both guest speakers on a panel on mindfulness at a clothing store in Soho. I can’t recall too much of what we talked about, but I do remember one panelist shouting and cursing a lot. That wasn’t Eddie.

Eddie has always been a cool cucumber — a beatific dude in a lavender overcoat.

After the panel we kept in touch and established a social ritual that now doubles as the WITH editorial meeting.

The two of us meet up, compliment each other’s outfits like we are co-starring in some funky internet-era version of Quadrophenia, and walk around boutiques downtown caressing garments and informing the other on what we think is dope or wack.

We talk endless shit, but also give credit where it is due. We touch everything and buy nothing. It’s fun as hell.

We also dig into deep stuff like our families and dreams and fears and blocks and inspirations. This part is really important to me too. I think it is in the WITH spirit to make space for all of it — the “swag” and the messy stuff.

Eddie is a powerful example of all that. I thought it was really cool that a Yogic OG who was into the same loops I was exploring (non-attachment, compassion, vitality, movement) could also have such strong, dare I say SEVERE, opinions about the same things I geek out over: fonts, blazers, guitar riffs, raglan sleeves, etc.

I’ll take a risk here and say that traditional “Yoga Culture” has always been a big turn-off for me. I knew the practice was great, but, like many of you, I just couldn’t get down with the pretense, the privilege, the smoothies, the cultural theft, the “microdosingcoldshowerfounderthoughtleader” self-importance of it all.

And so when Eddie said he wanted to create a Punk Rock Yoga Magazine that would include daily classes, interviews with funky, inspiring people, and mini-essays on Siddhartha and David Bowie, I was mega intrigued.

After some negotiating I told him that as long as I had total control and no responsibilities, we would get along great. He went for it.

Once we got cooking I started to fall in love with the team’s vision — a looser and more inclusive version of the goofy magazines you see when you are checking out at Whole Foods.

So here’s our humble experiment on what “not your mother or father’s Yoga magazine” could look and feel like.

No smoothie required.

All are welcome.

We want to be WITH you.

We hope WITH stretches your imagination.

And before I bounce, I wanted to shout out Eddie for wanting to do something totally different and entrusting the whole WITH team with bringing that vision to life!

You should go support all of his classes (Beginner’s Yoga is my personal favorite) and thank him for taking a chance on this whole shebang!

With Love,

Elliot Aronow
Creative + Editorial Director @ WITH