About WITH Magazine

About With Magazine

WITH is a punk rock-style monthly Yoga magazine. In true punk fashion, there’s very little Yoga in it. We see WITH as an ongoing conversation  between the arts, the sciences, the world of aesthetics and the esoteric, spiritual realms. We believe that Yoga is a lifestyle — just not one that revolves around smoothies, cleansing, gourmet mats or other forms of crass commercialism (except for our t-shirts.)

Before we go any further we wanted to give a huge shout out to the WITH Team.

The WITH website was developed and coded by Roberto Maiocchi.

Emma Moore graphic designed Issue 0 and the website, as well as our t-shirts.

Megan Weaver was the copy editor and interview transcriber for Issue 0.

Leeah K. Chu is our Head Of Office (HOO).

Elliot Aronow is our Creative & Editorial Director.

Eddie Stern is our Editor & Publisher.

Thanks for checking out WITH.

We hope you enjoy it and if you do, tell a friend!